About us

About us

When Mr. Anil Kumar began the company back in 1989, he did so on the belief that when we all work towards a common goal, with the intention of growing together, our products will inherently reflect the same sensibilities. Thereby promising a deeper value — beautiful on the outside and full of heart on the inside. Just like our customers.

Today, we boast extraordinary jewellery collections featuring gold, diamonds, coloured precious stones, silver and beads. They range from mid to high-end, catering to a wide spectrum of occasions. We also offer jewellery customisation, maintenance and repair, as well as doorstep delivery. Backed by our team of talented in-house designers, production specialists and service executives.

All to bring you, our dear patrons, beautiful jewellery to adorn, to be inspired by, to make a statement unlike any other.

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Avail our bespoke service that allows you to customise jewellery to perfectly match what you are looking for. Our in-house designers and jewellery stylists ensure creating unique pieces for you.